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6 makeup errors you should avoid for better selfies

We come to the aid of the powder to take the oily appearance on our face and make it look more matte. However, by applying layer by layer of powder, you lose the naturalness of your face. Especially if you're using a flash, it's inevitable that a ghost will appear in your selfie! Apply the powder to the middle of your forehead, on the redness of your chin and nose edge, with a headlight mixing brush for a fresher look.

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Everyone loves a bright look from the inside. However, if you use illuminator intensity in your makeup, you can turn into a disco ball in your photos! To avoid this, use your illuminator only on cheekbones and lips. You can also apply it in your eye fountains to make your eyes look bigger. Rub the illuminator into your foundation to your entire face for a more natural look.

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You may prefer opaque, flawless-looking eyebrows in your daily life. But for a more natural look in your selfies, you should give up this kind of shaping. For a natural look, go over your eyebrows with eyebrow mascara or eyebrow gel. This process will add volume to your eyebrows. Fill in the gaps with pen without exaggerating. Brush through top 8 products that beautify eyebrows in the final step for a soft look.

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You may notice that you are applying foundation that is darker than your skin color and think "no one will notice anyway". But when you come to light and in the photos, this difference will appear. Always use foundation in the right tone. You can find everything about foundation by clicking here.

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The appearance of your eyelashes is very important in photos.  Short, straight eyelashes make you look tired. To avoid this, curl your eyelashes and apply a favorite8 best mascara from 50 TL.

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In your environment, you found light low and decided to take your selfie with a flash. Next you know, a white face! This may be due to the SPF content in your sunscreen or foundation. Never take your sun protection out of your make-up routine. However, if you think you will be photographed a lot that day, you can opt for a lower factor product. Our healthiest suggestion is to make a more artful impression using the black-and-white effect in your photos!

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