Margot Robbie with blonde hair
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6 hairstyles inspired by Margot Robbie

First, give your hair a voluminous and wet look with foam. Take a pinch from the front of your hair and throw it from one ear to the other. Then carefully dry and fix. Apply a little more stabilizing cream if you wish to make sure it is fixed in place.

Margot Robbie with blonde hair

We are quite used to seeing this hairstyle especially at festivals. Margot Robbie took to the red carpet. To achieve this appearance, first dry it by spraying your hair with sea salt spray. If you curl your hair with your hands and dry it, you will also create a slightly natural wave. Cut your hair into two equal pieces, fastening it around the neck. Do not forget to spray a good one to fix it!


a woman with her hair in a bun

Margot Robbie, who attended the Oscars with a new haircut, drew a lot of attention with the elegance of her hair. Spray and dry sea salt spray on your newly washed hair. Then take your hair in small tufts with the hair straightener and style it with light folds.


Margot Robbie with blonde hair

Most of the time we don't need extravagant hairstyles to look stylish. Robbie's flat, well-groomed and shiny hair is a good example. Throwing her hair behind her ears, Robbie also highlighted her bony facial structure. You can easily get this style with the hair straightener. But do not forget to use a spray that protects your hair from heat so that it is not affected by high heat.


Margot Robbie with blonde hair
Margot Robbie with blonde hair

The secret to making such a voluminous ponytail is actually to make not one but two ponytails. Collect a tuft of your hair from the top, just below it make the tuft ponytail. Spread a lock of hair around these two ponytails. That way, the queues will be united. And you won't be seen.


Margot Robbie posing for a picture

Two things you need for this stylish look are hair straightener and hair gel! When straightening your hair, fold outward to the ends.


Margot Robbie in a suit
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