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6 foundation for oily skin

Due to the fact that most BB creams lubricate the skin quickly, oily skin has difficulty using foundation with moisturizer properties. This product, on the other hand, is water-based and prevents it from lubricating while moisturizing the face. It also covers color mismatches and offers a flawless appearance.

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This product, which you can use comfortably on a daily basis with its medium concealer, has become a favorite of many makeup artists since its launch. The product, which gives the skin a natural shine, ensures that the skin remains smooth for up to 16 hours with its lean content.

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This product, which was recently offered for sale in Turkey as an affordable foundation alternative for oily and mixed skin, is shown. Contrary to its liquid structure, the product powdered when applied to the face gives mattity and concealment to oily skin.

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This product, which adapts to your skin and provides moisture and cover-up according to your needs, traps the oily appearance of your skin with its medium concealer and integrates with the skin to provide a natural concealer.

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The product, which can be applied several layers with its thin structure and its concealer is adjusted in this way, is highly appreciated in terms of preventing the oily appearance. It also gives a natural shine, preventing a dull facial expression.

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This powder foundation, which reduces the appearance of pores and offers smooth skin, provides a flawless cover with its oil-free formula. The product, which is also highly appreciated for its durability, moisturizes and nourishes the skin while matting it.

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