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6 eyebrow errors that you need to stop doing immediately

1.Do not apply any products to your eyebrows

Avoid applying products such as lotions, gels, sunscreen, foundation or moisturizer to your eyebrow area. These products can cause your eyebrows to fall out or prevent them from getting longer. We always think of our eyebrows as part of our skin, but we really need to think of that area as hair. And don't put what you don't put in your hair on your eyebrows.

2.Be careful to use the right mirror

Avoid mirrors that look big, because these mirrors always cause you to lose perspective and you get more eyebrows that you need to get.

3.Be careful when using scissors

Using scissors often causes you to crop your eyebrows too much. The right way to use scissors is to comb your eyebrows and remove the excess parts. You also need to be careful to get your eyebrows equal.

4.Do not overestimate the thick flow current!

Of course, everyone wants fuller and all-visible eyebrows. But many of us miss the line between too many eyebrows and plump eyebrows that look natural. Overpainting your eyebrows takes attention away from your face, takes them to the eyebrows and looks artificial. A shale of dark pencil from the normal color of your eyebrows will do the trick. This will make your eyebrows look plump and bring out your eyes.

5.Waxing or using rope

When picking up your eyebrows, opt for tweezers instead of using wax or rope. It's the right way to do it because you only pull one hair follicle at a time with tweezers. When it comes to eyebrows, each hair is important and affects the shape of your eyebrow. Waxing can take more eyebrows than it should, and it stretches the sensitive skin around your eyebrow. Using rope pulls your eyebrows in all directions, not in one direction, so the hairs can break or become sunken.

6.Get a good eyebrow pencil

A beautiful eyebrow pencil will complement the natural eyebrow look in a wonderful way. An eyebrow pencil that looks more realistic or natural will make your eyebrow look much more beautiful.

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