a kitchen with a table and chairs
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6 design recommendations for practical kitchens

Culinary islands, which are one of the latest trends in kitchen designs, in addition to creating aesthetic wonders, also change all the usage habits of kitchens in terms of functionality and offer a very practical decoration. The kitchen islands, which expand the workbenches in the kitchen in an industrial style and include the living area and extra cabinets and shelves, make quite a difference in terms of decoration.

a kitchen with a table and chairs

Kitchen cabinets are mostly of standard sizes and molds. However, if you stretch these patterns a little and open your door to innovative and creative designs, you can also increase the degree of practicality of your kitchen in an instant. You can add hidden cabinets and drawers to your kitchen to keep it organized at all times, or discover the more useful features of the next generation of kitchen cabinets than standard cabinets.

a kitchen with a table and shelves

Dishwashers, which are a must for our kitchen countertops, are also not exactly decorative kitchen appliances due to their not-so-aesthetic appearance and water-holding bowls, are they? The latest trendy kitchen designs now have a solution: dishwashers embedded in the counter! These dishes, which are located right next to or behind your sink and buried inside the counter, are also connected directly to the drain pipe, so you will no longer have to deal with filled water tanks. Not to mention getting rid of the unpleasant look that takes up space on the counter!

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Especially for those who live in apartments in the centers of big cities, spacious kitchens are also a bit of a business of luck. With the concentration of the population and the proliferation of habitats, we often have to fit into small kitchens in increasingly shrinking areas. However, this does not mean that there are no practical and aesthetic design solutions in small kitchens. If your kitchen is narrow and long, and you don't have enough space to place a dining table, wall-mounted bar-type dining tables may be just the solution you're looking for.

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A great idea that saves space for small kitchens and one-on-one to create a modern atmosphere in your kitchen! Pots, pans and other materials hanging from the wall not only provide practical use, but also become one of the recent design trends with its contemporary appearance.

a kitchen with red and white lights

Small spices to add to your kitchen shelves, a stylish knife to place on the countertop and similar products will make your job easier than you think when cooking, and will be decorative elements that add mobility and color to the character of your kitchen.

a green box with jars of food
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