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6 cosmetic products you should never share

1. Any cream or lotion contained in the bottle

You shouldn't use anything you use with your hands in it. According to research, there are 332,000 bacteria from 4,742 different species. It's safer to share anything with a shotgun because you can use it without sticking your hands in.

2. Mascara

You've probably heard a million times that you shouldn't share your mascara, but when someone asks, we think, "What could happen?" In fact, this can cause many eye infections, because the wet structure of mascara provides a favorable environment for the formation of bacteria. It's too risky because there's no structure around our eyes that can protect us from bacteria in eyelashes. It's safer to share eyeliner because you can then discard the part used with a pencil shaving. Do not forget to disinfect your pencil shaving with alcohol afterwards.

3. Pressed powders

Since the powders do not have a wet structure, the bacteria may not be able to reproduce. But if more than one person uses the same powder, of course bacterial transfer occurs. For this, we see that they often clean the powders with anti-bacterial sprays in the makeup stands. It is safer to share liquid foundations that you can pump or squeeze because the product does not come directly into contact with your skin.

4. Lip products

Whether it's lip protection or lipstick, you should never share lip products. Many people carry the herpes virus unnoticed in the lip area. It's safer to share lip pencils because you can shave the used part just like eye pencil.

5. Cream headlights

As soon as you apply cream headlights with your hands, you put the germs into both the product and your own eye. In addition, cream headlights provide an environment for bacterial formation due to its structure.

6. Makeup brushes

It causes both pimples and bacteria to be transported. The only way to use brushes if they are someone else is to either disinfect them with an alcohol-based product or clean them with shampoo between use.

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