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5 ways to protect social relations in quarantine

In these days when we live physically isolated, it is of extra importance for our mental health that we remain socially active and connected. The longest study of adult development to date was conducted by Harvard University. The results of the study show that the most important element that gives people a vigorous mind and happiness throughout life is intimate and meaningful relationships. Working on your social relationships during this period will make you feel good and help you maintain your mental health in the process. As we go through adversity, sharing personally takes on a mentally and emotionally stimulating task and increases your mood. In a nutshell; Social relationships help you get through this process in the best way in terms of your mental health.

Research shows that sharing intense moments of emotion, living these moments together, has a feature that strengthens relationships. These days, you can strengthen your relationships by staying connected with your inner circle, making emotional posts. Try to create intimate moments where you can share with your social circle. Sometimes this can be a moment created only for the sharing of general, personal feelings, or sometimes it can be on the works that you determine together that affect you. For example, you can decide on a movie, music, book you like, and then share emotions through it.

Try to adapt to the situation we are in and develop new ways to connect with your social environment. You can use your creativity in this process. For example, instead of a classic messaging, you can set a common theme with your friends and share pictures with each other by dressing according to that theme. In this way, you will have a fun moment and you will be socially active and connected.

A study at West Virginia University shows that technology can be used in a way that contributes to the development of relationships. It may not be possible to physically perform activities that you normally do with your friends, but you may also have old rituals in which you can perform online versions.  For example, you can turn after-work meetings into an after-work cocktail or coffee hour online. Try adapting your normally socializing rituals to these conditions so that you can feel better and more harmonious instead of feeling disconnected from your old life and social circle.

You can think of these days as an opportunity to connect with friends you have not had the opportunity to meet in the hustle and bustle of daily life, people you haven't seen in a long time but who are important to you. These days, you can reconnect by calling what you can think of. Rest assured, they'll be very happy when they hear from you. In this way, you will feel good and you will feel good to the other person.

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