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5 ways to feel good on isolation days

In these difficult times, we first stay at home to protect ourselves and our environment. During this isolated period, it is important that you take good care of your mental health as well as your physical health. At Ohio State University, blood tests of medical students were examined and it was observed that the cells that fight viruses were less active during their stressful periods. When you keep your stress under control and take good care of your mental health, the opposite is observed. Your immune system works more regularly and becomes stronger. This shows us once again the importance of mental health. So what can we do to take good care of our mental health during this period? Keep reading :)

One of the best things that comes into our soul is to get social support, to share. In these isolated days, the internet can help you with this. You may not be physically there for each other and support each other, but sharing morning coffee at the computer with a video chat also allows you to connect. Just because you're not together shouldn't stop you from forming a social bond. Moreover, we all have plenty of time at the moment, we have nowhere to catch up, we are in no hurry, we can enjoy our time online together without being calmly distracted. Research; supporters show that deep, private and personal social relationships can also be conducted online. For example, if you want to use A study at Carnegie Mellon University shows that college students report online communication as one of the most important support for establishing a regular personal relationship.

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In the literature, 'flow', i.e. being in flow, is defined as being fully focused and active mentally. Experiencing moments of flow for a high level of well-being also plays an important role. Artistic activities and handicraft activities are among the behaviors that create this feeling. As you experience the moment of flow, you relax and get away from your stress. According to a paper published in the British Journal of Occupational Therapy, cancer patients have reported that engaging in artistic activities that create flow allows them to take a positive journey away from compelling thoughts and provide valuable experiences. During your stay at home, turn to activities that will create a feeling of flow for you. All kinds of artistic activities, handicraft activities can create this feeling. Plenty of options, the choice is yours!

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One of the most basic approaches in psychology is that our emotions, our thoughts, our behaviors are always interacting. The way you perceive a situation also affects the feeling that it will create for you. We may not be able to change the situation we're in, but how it affects us may depend on the approach we take. Go back inside, try to see the positives of calmness, not having to catch up somewhere. Maybe there's no need to be out there all the time, always in a rush...

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Volunteering and participating in charity activities have both emotional and physical benefits. The University of Washington studied young adults participating in a volunteering program. In the measurements made, individuals; while improving resilience, resilience, memory, there was also a significant decrease in depression levels. The benefits of volunteering activities don't stop there. A paper published in jama pediatrics reported a significant increase in the health levels of young people who engaged in voluntary behavior. In these days when we are at home, it is also possible to help by using the internet. For example, you can also support the elderly from afar who do not have as much control over the power of the internet as young people. You can make online grocery purchases for them and have them delivered to their doorstep. In your apartment there may be individuals with chronic diseases, who are in the risk group, in the same way you can give them a helping hand. For example, you can have your finished medicine delivered to their homes. Finally, we're going to have to you can do a chariting behavior by consuming less and thinking about those around you.

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