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5 ways to deal with the summer time app

It can take up to a week for your body to adapt to the clock change. Insomnia and fatigue in particular are the biggest consequences of this change. When you lose sleep, you become more nervous and have problems focusing. In fact, severe sleep loss destroys your immune system, inviting diseases.

We've compiled recommendations for sleep problems you may experience with clocks forward. If you follow these recommendations, you can spend this week without problems and meet the spring.

-Take a break from caffeine

At 6pm you don't know about coffee will cause you to return to bed for hours at night. End caffeine intake at least 6 hours before bedtime.

-A bed you want to sleep in

A comfortable Sleep in 5 steps, clean sheets and pillowcases are a must for a peaceful sleep. And don't forget to reconcile your bed with just sleep. If you're in bed doing business or playing games with a computer, it's inevitable that your sleep patterns will be turned upside down.

-Planned sleep

Take care to sleep at the same time every night. Go to bed at the same time, even if the clocks are moved forward.


Take a walk to take advantage of the morning sun. It will help in the process of adapting to time change.

-Take a short break from your nightlife

Don't stay out late at night until you've adapted to the new watch app. If you're drinking alcohol. during this period, it may have a negative effect on your sleep patterns. Substances contained in alcohol can cause you to lose sleep and often wake up at night.


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