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5 ways to convert your digital photos into memory

Two suggestions that will be good for all of us in the days of isolation; to take care of our memories and literally turn our homes into a warm home. If the solution is that you can apply these two suggestions at the same time 'sticking square frame’. A service that creatively incorporates your digital photos into your life with high print quality Sosyopix’in one of the most popular products, sticking frames can be easily installed and removed without making traces on the walls. These ‘20x20’ frames, which are glued with double-sided tape, are lightweight and provide ease of use.

For Polaroid photos, you don't have to have a Polaroid machine! You can get photos on your phone or digital camera in the original Polaroid® size of 9x11 cm. Pola kart this format, called, provides both a nostalgic and aesthetic look.

Photo albums from the 80s and 90s are returning. 20 photos, 20 pages of 18x18 cm memoir with your photos as you want to design the sticker set and silver gel pen are sent. A Mini photo book is a portable alternative that can be found with you at any time. A Mini photo book measuring 9x6 cm; 50 photos and 25 pages are prepared. 

You can protect both nature and your memories at the same time. 100% cotton, 100% natural and 100% Environmental these cloth bags that you can use in the market, in the city and even on the beach will decorate the photos on your phone or machine!

You can welcome every day of the next year by remembering your past happy moments and loved ones. The calendar box, which you can use as a desk calendar or a wall calendar, is full of memories that will make you smile. 12 months with you with 12 photos!

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