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5 vitamins for your skin

Vitamin C, which is especially effective for skin color disparities and blemishes opening, also helps prevent the production of melanin that causes blemishes, fighting for brighter skin. This energy bomb vitamin, which also fights to eliminate the dull and tired appearance of the skin, is also effective in opening wrinkles. Vitamin C alone in some skin sensitivity because it can lead slowly it is helpful for you to use. 

Vitamin E, one of the most beneficial vitamins for the skin, is very strong in addition to its nutritional and healing effects antioxidant. Moreover, it is beneficial not only for the face, but also for hair and nails. It also protects against external environmental damage while fighting wounds, burns and acne. And a very good moisturizer… 

Vitamin A, which is very effective for oily and acne skin, helps purify pores, remove blackheads and skin sebum it helps balance the level. This powerful content, which is a vitamin A derivative of retinol in skin care products, gradually exfoliates the skin tissue with its regenerating properties. Therefore, it is useful to use it in a controlled way when you apply it to your skin from the outside. You can also resort to vitamin A support for lines, wrinkles and spots on your skin.  

Although vitamin D is most commonly taken when sunlight is absorbed by the skin, when considering the negative effects of the sun on the skin, external support becomes very important. Vitamin D, which plays an important role in skin tone, also plays a role in the treatment of psoriasis. Meanwhile, research shows that vitamin D deficiency is decidedly linked to acne. Because this vitamin also has an effect on fighting infections. So surely Have your vitamin D measured and checked by a doctor get reinforcements.

Vitamin K has an effect on healing wounds and bruises. Blood clotting can occur when a sufficient amount of vitamin K is not taken. In particular, you can take vitamin K, which acts against blood circulation problems in the vessels that cause wounds, bruises and dark spots on the skin, under the control of a doctor, as a supplement from outside or with nutrients.

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