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5 trends you need to know in autumn

This season, leather comes across a wide range of colors, from black to earth tones. The main material of design in almost any line of rebellious or sophisticated, leather is the key part of a strong posture. You can combine this trend with basic pieces such as skirts, dresses, trousers or complementary pieces such as gloves and boots.

In the autumn of 2019, we will experience the glow of sunny weather in jewelry, and deepen the introverted energy of the season with the magic of the tarot. Prepare to be the focal point with fascinating designs this fall! Your preference for necklaces, earrings or rings can be minimalist or maximalist... No matter what happens 2019 Autumn jewelry trend: the magic of the Tarot with it, you will shine and attract attention! Ancient icons such as the protective hamse hand or tarot motifs will add depth to your style. 

No hair without accessories this season! Minimalist buckles are behind us... Whatever your bohemian or elegan style, ambitious crowns await you. The choice of materials ranges from denim to Pearl, from velvet to plastic. 

If you want to get a strong look with one move, your Savior this season will also be masked pieces. You can also buy a blazer jacket over your jeans, you can also choose a masked suit from head to toe. The important thing is to balance your style by choosing feminine details such as necklaces, earrings or shoes.

Pastel tulles for women who do not want to compromise their feminine posture even on busy days and rainy weather are also in front of us this season... If you prefer this trend in a skirt or dress, you can even go to an evening invitation meeting with a masculine coat with a sparkly jacket. 

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