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5 trends that should be abandoned in 2016

Since time immeasurable, fur has been involved in the fashion world as a symbol of luxury and grandeur. Last year, designers used fur in everything from shoes to earrings to handbags to design something "really expensive and luxurious." However, these over-fur shoes in particular are one of the trends that need to be abandoned.

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Although micro-sized bags look cute enough when they first come on the market, they are clearly not really useful. A bag big enough for a woman to fit her belongings in will always be more trendy. These bags are small enough to be transported for ornamental purposes only.

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Luxury fashion brands have long put forward specific designs that they can highlight in their collections of brand symbols or names. Moschino's designs, especially from witty inspirations, initially attracted everyone's attention and sounded "funny", but they became one of the trends to be left behind. However, when Celine first launched the "Dion" T-shirt, everything was acceptable. It was "funny" enough... Now it's like everyone's making the same joke, and it's not funny anymore.

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In 2015, the fashion world introduced midsize boots to long boots and short boots called booties. This trend, which ends slightly higher than the wrist, between the kneecap and the wrist and usually rises with its models in thick heels, is also set to lag behind. Especially these medium-sized boots, which fit well with culotte-type short trousers, are finished because the upper part opens over time due to the thickness of the leg... Naturally, it's a bad image.

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Although slogan T-shirts with one in every age woman's closet were once quite fun and comfortable for fashion lovers, she lost her sense of humor when she was on top of almost everyone. In 2016, slogan T-shirts are also lagging behind.

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