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5 tips to start your day healthier

After a busy school or working day, everyone deserves a good night's sleep.  In addition, with a disciplined sleep pattern, you do not stay up until too late, and you are away from hunger crises that end in late at night with regret. Research reveals that those who sleep 5-6 hours a day tend to gain more weight than those who sleep 8 hours. Those who don't get good sleep start to get more calories during the day to keep their energy levels up. Insomnia raises the hormone ghrelin in the body, causing you to get hungry more often.

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A stressful life and increased stress hormone cortisol in your body causes your internal organs to become fat. This risk can lead to many diseases, from cardiovascular diseases to type 2 diabetes. According to the American Psychological Society, stress, depression and obesity are intertwined like a chain to menstruation. Stress and depression fuel each other, bringing the person into the habit of Test: Is your weight 'emotional' cause? Exercise to get away from stress, start meditation, yoga or breathing therapy. If you are showing symptoms of anxiety and depression, be sure to consult a specialist.

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Fizzy drinks give you nothing but calories. Diet labeled beverages, which you think are innocent on the shelf and prefer to be calorie-free, also carry a major obstacle to your weight loss. Instead of fizzy drinks, consume the fluid your body really needs: Water. It may be difficult to stop drinking these drinks at once at first, but be patient you will succeed!

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Now everyone knows how beneficial exercising during the day is for your health. Exercising regularly has the potential to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, even type 2 diabetes. Your bones and muscle structure are strengthened, good for anxiety and stress.  It also helps to maintain your weight in a healthy way. The recommended sports time for adults is 150 minutes per week. Whether you take a walk or crossfit in these 150 minutes, it's entirely up to you. Just leave 20 minutes a day for 150 minutes to grow in your eyes. You don't have to waste time in gyms for sports. The important thing is to adapt a 'lively life' to your daily life. Do you take the subway or bus to work? Get off one stop and walk to work. If you are driving, take a short morning walk by parking in the furthest point in the parking lot. If you are sitting behind a desk all day because of your work, make your phone calls by walking around the office.

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You have no idea how much fat and sugar is in a meal you eat in the restaurant. And you usually consume large portions. However, when you cook at home, you know what is in your food and you can easily control the portion. This is an important step to get your weight under control.

Skipping breakfast, the most important meal of the day, to lose weight is one of the biggest mistakes made. According to one study, 80 percent of those who lost weight healthy and managed to maintain it said they never skipped breakfast.

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