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5 things you need to know when washing

The clothes we buy are being tried on by dozens of people before us. In addition, as stated by experts, substances such as azo-anilin used during the production phase can irritate the skin if not purified. Therefore, you should always wash your newly purchased clothes before using them to protect against both microbes and chemical residves. Especially in this first wash, do not forget to read the washing instructions on the product label and choose the right temperature.

Operating washing machines without filling up at full capacity is a serious loss of water and energy, and waiting for similar colors to accumulate until the machine is full is a waste of time. The solution is to make a solution for color protective wipes! Now you can wash colorful and white clothes together. During washing, the colors on your clothes are mixed into the water and process on other clothes. Dr. Beckmann Color Protective Wipe prevents your clothes from getting on top of your clothes by collecting excess paints that appear with its micro-porous structure. Just throw the product into the machine with our laundry before washing and in the trash when the washing is finished.

Especially in crowded families and during periods of illness, keeping all dirty laundry in the same place can cause various health problems. Although it is not possible to have a separate dirty basket for each person in the house, it will be an effective measure to keep your underwear in a separate place. You should also wash your underwear with sensitive laundry, not at low temperature, as indicated on the label and at the highest possible temperature, ironing it before use.

When washing machines are not cleaned regularly, accumulated lime and detergent residi reduce the life and washing quality of the machine. In addition, dirty water circulating in the machine can be transmitted to your laundry as a bad smell or even a stain. Dr. Beckmann Washing Machine Cleaner Powder cleans the internal part of the machine that cannot be reached by hand by providing hygienic cleaning from the inside out with its antibacterial powder formula. Thus, it offers an effective solution against both bacteria and microorganisms and bad odor.

Trousers, shirts or sweaters... Regardless, turning your laundry upside down prevents them from wearing out. Thus, during washing, you prevent the front of your clothes from being attached to the machine or any other clothing. And don't forget to unzipping the clothes you put in the machine. In this way, you protect both zippers and other clothing.

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