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5 Things You Don't Know About Illuminators

The illuminator has other uses besides not only highlighting your cheekbones. The illuminating allows your skin to dance with light, day and night. Whether you're using illuminators for more glittering or more natural everyday use, you can learn ways to get full efficiency from your illuminator.

1. Apply cream illuminator before foundation

Gently remove the cream illuminator, apply it to flat areas of your skin, such as temples, tip of your nose, under the brow bone. In this way, you will apply foundation more easily and get a natural appearance.

2. Use it in your body

You can use the illuminator not only on your face, but even on your legs. It will add a nice shine to your legs, especially if you are wearing an outfit where your legs will appear. If you want to create a dazzling night look, you can apply it to your collarbone and the middle of your shoulders.

3. Capture live view

You can apply illuminators to the inner part of the eye to make your eyes and face look more alive and rested. It will make your eyes look more alert and alive.

4. Create a bigger lip effect

Applying illuminating to the upper part of your lips creates a fuller lip image. With the help of a small-tipped brush and illuminator, you can make your lip look larger.

5. Use in the form of headlights or bases

Using your illuminator as headlights or bases can be a method that you can use both day and night and complete your makeup without making it look extravagant. You can also easily highlight your eyebrows by using them under your eyebrow bone. With this method, you can even stop using headlights.

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