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5 things to pay attention to when exercising at home

Mats and cushions are divided into varieties according to training. Choosing a medium-thickness (1.5 cm) mat will prevent injuries that may occur during the construction of movements. 

Equipment should be selected according to the exercise. This will protect you from injury and injury. Resistance tires will be the right choice in this process. 

Having only socks on your foot while training will force your posture on the mat. That's why barefoot or exercise with sneakers will be the right choice. 

Everyone's body structure is different. So the exercises that need to be done should also be created from the ones that best suit you. In this process , it should be done by following more simple movements, and for more, professional help should be obtained. 

The area in which the training is performed should be wide in terms of being able to move comfortably. Coffee table, etc.to prevent injuries. you have to put things away from yourself.

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