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5 things to do in Istanbul this week (30 May-5 June)

Put aside the information we hear about staying healthy every day, going to the gym every day, are the diets we do right? They invite the answers to all our questions and those who want to adopt a healthy life to Bilgi University Santral Istanbul with their various workshops.

3 June Friday – 5 June Sunday 09:00 3 day unlimited participation 350TL, Admission 35TL

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Babylon Kilyos opens its doors to those who want to enjoy nature and music by the sea. Some names in line-up; Milky Chance, Oscar&The Wolf, Tiger&Woods...

Saturday, June 4, Biletix 145TL, door price 170TL

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After observing the works of Ilkem Özar, many of which have been awarded in international competitions, you can experience Zanzibar for food. The exhibition runs until June 14th.

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As Ramadan approaches, D.ream Academy organizes workshops for those who want to prepare what to prepare for iftar meals. I say do not miss this workshop where you will learn the special flavors of Turkish cuisine from its masters. Plum stent, cream and pistachio apricot dessert selections from the menu.

1 June Wednesday 19:00 Ticket: 180TL

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A crazy tribe that's isolated itself from everything! Nina Raine's award-winning 2010 play TRIBES, which has resonated in the UK, America and many other countries , is being staged in the second row for the first time in Turkey. What exactly do you say when you say "in love"? It's a game about communication, family and love from the mouth of a tribe we all know.

2 June Thursday 20:30 Ticket: 50 TL

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