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In a family that can be happy with what it has, where there is plenty of kindness and sharing, Göknil Bigan, who was raised by women who created clothes, not created clothes, created clothing with these thoughts. She dreamed of a woman who knew the value of clothes, preferred natural fabrics, cared about Labor, wanted a timeless wardrobe, not a seasonal one. Giyi's first collection, which he implemented by adopting a low material and lean production model, came out at the beginning of 2020. Because according to Göknil, sustainability should be spread across the entire approach to design, production, consumption and use, not just with the material used, and should be treated holistically.

Adopting the principle of “buy less and use more” with its nature-friendly identity, Giyi's first collection consists of 7 pieces that can be worn as a dress, tunic or jacket when desired. The strength of the collection comes from the fact that women can stylishly accompany all their state during the day. Giyi offers dresses that you can transform in every garment, adding different life energy. It used kupro and raw denim fabric, known as Vegan silk. Accessories, on the other hand, are designed and produced by further transformation from fabrics that are completely surplus to production. 

For more information about Giyi and the online giyi store www.giyiworld.com’u can visit, dresses
you can stop by Souq Canyon, Karaköy local movement and Bebek Sirr ceramic stores to see.

Levi's® is more committed than ever to protecting the health of the environment through sustainable production techniques and business practices, and will continue to integrate its sustainability initiatives into many of its products in the Spring/Summer 2021 season. Inspired by nature Spring / Summer 2021 collection "Second Nature", it blends the more plentiful and practical street style trends currently dominating streets and catwalks with a range of more sustainable fabrics and practices. The collection includes sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, cottoned hemp and sustainable Soft with Tencel™ content that reduce waste, water and energy use. Also as part of our efforts for Circular products and applications recycling, recycling programs and technologies are required at the points where resides more widespread thanks to the use of recycled and recyclable materials, comes to the fore. 

Hip + Happen is a brand that sets out with a philosophy of ethical production, sustainable fashion and zero waste... All fabrics, materials used in their collections are sustainable and consist of recycled sources. They aim to reach a wider audience by increasing sustainable fashion understanding, textile consumption and production awareness, and to provide this awareness in the fashion sector... Sustainable fashion awareness targets ;' always be a pioneer for manufacturers in the sector as an environmentally friendly institution, increasing the profile of users who prefer natural fabrics and ethical production...

H&M was one of the first brands to apply the New Higg Index sustainability profile to products, published by the sustainable clothing coalition (SAC) and its technology partner Higg.

Higg Index sustainability profiles are part of Sac's new Higg Index transparency program and are based on independently verified environmental impact data from the Higg Index of sustainability (MSI).

H & M, Higg Index sustainability profile hm.com it is also starting to apply to a certain number of products and plans to increase its use in the coming months. When applying this, each product is given a score based on the environmental impact of the materials used in it. Scores range from "baseline" to "3" Dec. Base scores are given to products made from traditional materials, while 1.2 and 3 points are given to products made with materials with lower environmental impact. Customers can also see detailed data on impacts on water use, global warming, fossil fuel use and water pollution in each product.

Pandora, 2020 published Sustainability according to the report, by 2025, 100% recycled metals by focusing on the carbon footprint and other negative environmental impacts, reduce water usage and production, packaging, logistics, including at all stages of the supply chain, stores and offices aims to reduce carbon emissions to zero. 

Gold and silver used in jewelry by 2020, 60% of the company's annual Sustainability Index was obtained from sources which MSCI recycled for five consecutive years and has received from AAA in terms of Sustainable Resource Management, Human Rights Watch (HRW) has been given the highest score among all the brands by jewellery brand...

Pandora will no longer be produced with diamonds extracted from the mine. Taking another step in the sustainable use of metal in jewellery production, the company launched its “Pandora Brilliance” Collection of fully laboratory-made jewellery in the UK earlier this year. This collection is Pandora's first zero-carbon collection. Mines almost no difference in terms of the physical properties of diamonds extracted from non-lab-made diamonds in conjunction with the use of Pandora, environmental destruction, and the diamond mines by preventing the inhuman working conditions in the diamond market and diamond transform aims to make accessible to everyone.

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