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5 summer movies you can watch on Netflix

Director: Claire Scanlon
Players: Zoey Deutsch, Glen Powell, Lucy Liu
IMDb: 6,5
Type: Romantic Comedy

Two young assistants working in New York are saving the lives of their bosses in the busy pace of work. A very interesting plan comes to mind of two cronies who work day and night and can't get financially comfortable, even though they put their lives in their teeth: bring their bosses together and create an emotional bond between them... the adventure of a duo who resort to quite interesting ways to this end is perfect for lovers of romantic comedy.Dec. Dec. 

Director: Jennifer Kaytin Robinson
Players: Gina Rodriguez, LaKeith Stanfield, Britanny Snow
IMDb: 6,2
Type: Romantic Comedy

When Jenny (Gina Rodriguez) gets the job offer of her life, her 9-year relationship becomes difficult. Jenny, who has to move to San Francisco for her job, is dumped because her boyfriend doesn't want a long-distance relationship. Jenny, who has decided to embark on a final adventure with her close friends to overcome the devastation she has experienced, is waiting for a journey full of laughter and sadness. 

Director: Kyle Newacheck
Players: Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Luke Evans
IMDb: 6,0
Type: Action, Comedy, Crime

A cop living in New York City and his wife decide to go on vacation to Europe to revive their fading marriage. The holiday of our couple, who have left all their problems behind and made their way to Europe, turns into a nightmare after a party organized by a friendly billionaire on his yacht. Things get complicated when an old billionaire is killed at a party. Even worse, our couple is shown as the prime suspect in this murder!

Director: William Bindley
Players: K.J Apa, Maia Mitchell, Norman Johnson Jr.
IMDb: 5,6
Type: Romantic Comedy

A group of young people living in Chicago plan to have fun during their last summer vacation before going to college. On the one hand, young people who rediscover family relationships, love and friendship during their last vacation before going to university try to cope with the responsibilities of being an adult. 

Director: Amy Poehler
Players: Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch, Ana Gasteyer
IMDb: 5,5
Type: Adventure, Comedy, Drama

This comedy, signed by Amy Poehler, is 50. it focuses on the story of Rebecca and her friends, who are preparing to celebrate her birthday. In the film, which promises a decidedly intimate atmosphere to its audience, Rebecca and her friends reunite years later and decide to review the choices they have made in the past.

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