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5 suggestions to stay fit in summer

As is known, water consumption is very important for both weight control and a healthy life! Many people do not drink water unless the weather warms up or exerts effort, and they reduce this consumption without noticing, especially with drinks such as tea, coffee in winter. But in the summer it is much easier and more enjoyable to set it up! Drinking cold water in hot air is a need with no alternative... For this reason, start your day with water, drink a large glass of water at least 20 minutes before meals, and consume plenty of water again during the day! In this way, both the feeling of satiety will increase and your metabolism will work well!

In hot weather, the desire to drink something cold is very high, but acidic, alcoholic or multi-calorie drinks can be dangerous! I share a recipe for a small fat-burning drink for this. 1 after breaking the Yesil cinnamon and waiting in hot water for 5-10 minutes, you can drink green tea that you will brew with this water, after taking the brew, cool it and add ice. In this way, you benefit from the debilitating effect of Yesil tea with this sweet and unsweetened drink!

We spend more time outside in the summer, you can turn that into an opportunity! If you have the opportunity to enter the sea or pool daily, regularly swimming for 30-40 minutes will cool you down and also be a great summer activity for weight control! But if this opportunity is limited, you can also stay vigorous with early morning walks! In the meantime, consider all kinds of outdoor activities you can do with your friends; even if you participate in activities such as volleyball, basketball or cycling for recreational purposes, decency is enough...

Although it contains fructose, summer fruits are an excellent alternative to weight control when consumed correctly! Especially low glycemic index cherry - plum – apple - peach fruits such as lunch or dinner instead of meals in the morning breakfast cucumbers such as tomatoes by increasing satiety, a balanced diet plan will keep you fit and healthy!

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Fitness is actually summer, winter is always your biggest weapon! But in the summer, you can provide form control and shorten your fitness program with external activities and low-calorie liquid nutrition, for example, a program that you will do 2-3 days a week in November in the form of 20-25 minutes of muscle work will be enough to keep you in shape all summer with other activities and good nutrition! Personally, I recommend that you try it every summer because I do this and get a lot of efficiency!

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