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5 suggestions for a happier relationship

Penn State According to a study conducted at the university, you don't need to make big gestures to show your partner your love, make them feel loved. Small gestures, such as hugging, holding hands, and engaging in tiny acts of kindness, are identified as the most effective behaviors in behaviors that create a feeling of love. It won't take you 5 minutes to leave your partner a sweet note before leaving the house in the morning, but the effect will be much greater than you think. Your partner will feel loved and valued. 

One of the most important things that nurtures relationships is kindness. A study conducted at Florida State University shows that couples who express mutual gratitude have the highest satisfaction from their relationship. In other words, it is not enough for only one side to take an attitude that thanks and values. Be sure to do kindness and gratitude behaviors mutually. For example, when communicating with your partner, the words you choose should be words based on kindness. When you add words like’ Thank you, please, I'm sorry ' to your language, your communication will be strengthened and your connection with your partner will be strengthened.  

By taking a new approach, create something together, work together for a common result. Trying to create something together will strengthen your bond with your partner and ensure that your relationship is in harmony. The positive emotions you experience as a couple will increase. Leave aside the classic activities that are always done, and instead of going to a fancy restaurant, take a different approach and plan a more meaningful activity. It can be an activity such as decorating your library that you will do in this house, or it can be a workshop where you will produce something together. 

Research shows that holding your phone in your hand, even for a short time, decimates the quality of the connection between two people. Every moment you look at your phone, it breaks you out of the situation you are in, and your perception shifts to the outside world. Research from MIT University shows that when your communication is divided because of your phone, your ability to have deep and spontaneous conversations will also disappear. If you want to create quality interaction while spending time with your partner, put your phone in airplane mode and lift it into your bag. Although this may sound difficult at the beginning, once you try it, you will always want to do it.

A study at The Gottman Institute, known for its work on relationships, also draws attention to the importance of daily conversations. A 15-minute quality chat where you share how your day is going with your partner has a stress-reducing feature. Create a daily ritual for your relationship and Share regularly about yourself. In doing so, try to listen to understand each other, approaching each other with understanding. At this point, it is important to note that every relationship dynamic is different. You can benefit from positive psychology counseling for your relationship and for activities specially prepared for you.

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