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5 secrets of permanent lipstick all day long

The color of your lipstick will disappear much faster when you apply it to your dry and cracked lips. Therefore, remove dead skin by passing over your dried lip skin with a soft toothbrush. Then apply your lip balm into a thin layer.

Important note: If you apply your lipstick immediately above the lip balm, the persistence time decreases. Therefore, apply your lipstick after applying the lip balm and waiting for a while.

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Have you ever thought that lip pencils, with their long permanence and matte finish, might actually be some of the most gorgeous lipstick? Pass over your lips with a pencil before applying your lipstick. Thus, your lipstick will be more permanent.

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After applying your lipstick, gently press it on your lips with a napkin.  Then apply powder to secure your lipstick to your lipstick through this napkin.

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If it's hard to freshen up lipstick during the day, long-lasting formula lipsticks should be among your options.

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Avoid touching your lips if you want to carry the freshness of your favorite lipstick all day. Drink your drinks with a straw, avoid eating fatty foods.

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