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5 secret places in Istanbul

It is named after Aydos Castle in today's Sultanbeyli District, which dates from the Byzantine period. While visiting Aydos Hill, you can also go to Lake Aydos. Those who want to take photos for Instagram should take note here.

Located on the Black Sea coast of Rumeli Lighthouse, the bay is generally calm, unlike the undulating structure of the Black Sea. Whether you're fishing, going in the water and cooling off, or lying in the trees and listening to the sound of nature.

Located in Riva Region, Elmas Cape has a lush nature and a beautiful sandy beach. You can even see dolphins when you go. It is also possible to enter the sea from Diamond Cape Beach.

The village in Sile remains hidden. The village has a history of 600 years and has historical houses. Fakradagi, which is on the opposite side of the village, impresses with its nature with its view.

Imagine a lush village among the forests in Çatalca. You will see the caves dating back to 5500 BC, and then these caves continued to be used as monasteries. It is time to visit Inceğiz Village, which is intertwined with both nature and history.

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