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5 recommendations to work efficiently at home

If you are not used to using your home as an office, the home environment may not be encoded in your mind as a work environment. You can often associate being at home with spending time on rest and activities outside of work. In order to spend this period when you use your home as an office in the best and most efficient way, first create a special working environment in which your mind can enter the working mode. Research shows that individuals who work in sound-free environments, personally reserved for work, have a higher performance. This workspace you have prepared will stimulate your mind to work and allow you to concentrate easily. Also remember to make sure your background is suitable for video calls :)

Try not to let your shift start and finish times change because you're home. Avoid doing business outside of your working hours. Focus on relaxing instead of continuing to do business after your shift is over. Spend the rest of your day with activities that will relax you and help you recover your energy. A longitudinal study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health found that extra work hours were associated with depression symptoms. In order to take good care of your mental health, you can continue your balanced life by dividing the hours you spend at home into work time and time for out-of-work activities. Remember, a balanced life will also bring a balanced mood. 

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Uncertainty caused by the situation we are in, such as spending long hours at home, work-related changes, can also bring about a feeling of anxiety from time to time. At moments when you experience anxiety, your yield also drops. According to an article published in the journal Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Process, having a routine, performing a ritual, in moments of anxiety is an effective method of reducing anxiety. Set specific routines and stick to them during this time you are at home. For example, prepare yourself a morning routine, prepare as you prepare for work, take off your pajamas, get dressed, and even wear makeup if it makes you feel good. The important thing is to find the routine that is good for you and practice it every day. When you have a routine, your mind will function optimally, which means the best mental condition for working efficiently. 

Giving short breaks during work positively affects decency and performance. Sometimes you may not want to postpone your work and you may want to continue without decess. But remember, decess will actually allow you to perform more efficiently. Even because your efficiency increases, you can finish a job that you will usually finish in a longer time by doing it without a break, you can finish it faster when you do it by Dec Dec. According to a study at George Mason University, 45 minutes of attention during the test 5-test the participants who performed better than participants who did never before Dec Dec. A study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology shows that giving employees a break at noon also increases their energy levels Dec. The conclusion we get from the research is very clear: decaying increases efficiency. 

Research on the benefits of positive emotions does not end in counting. When you experience positive emotions, your perception expands, you become more productive. This also reflects positively on your work and increases your performance. Add tiny activities to your working days at home. These can be all kinds of behavior that will make you feel good, give you joy: maybe 3 minutes of dancing to your favorite song, maybe a coffee that you will drink in your favorite corner of your house. When you start looking to see, it's not really hard to find joy and joy in everyday life. Find activities that are good for you and add them to your working days at home. 

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