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5 recommendations for electrified hair

It's not easy to control hair during seasonal transitions and mostly rainy weather. If your hair can't resist moisture and weather conditions and rises up one by one, declaring their freedom as soon as you leave the house, be careful to soothe them. 

1. A moisturizing and anti-electrifying hair after leaving the bathroom Hair Serum crawl. Then dry your hair. 

2.After drying a ten minutes take a break and hold the blow dryer again and make sure it is thoroughly decayed. It gets electrified faster if it stays moist. 

3. Also, if your hair is fluffy or wavy, brush it with a hair brush when drying it with a blow dryer. 

4. After drying, apply some more serum to the ends of the hair and knit your hair or make a bun by wrapping it around itself. This is also an effective method to soothe hair.

5. By the way, if you are going to use your hair in bulk, fix it on a fine-toothed comb so that the tops do not swell decolletage lacquer squeeze and scan. 

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