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5 recommendations for creating happy moments at home

As the days spent at home increased, so did the importance of our living space being attentive and tidy. You will feel happier when you make arrangements to reflect your own taste in your home and add touches of decor. Don't think of it as a luxury, small touches can create very effective and positive results in your emotions. And these touches don't have to be big things. Even a tiny candle of your own choice that you add to your table can be effective. Being in an environment that reflects you, adding touches to your home in a way that makes you feel good will make you feel better.

Morning rituals are perfect for a fresh start to the day by connecting with yourself. In this way, you will start the day with a happy mode by making a good preparation. As research has clearly shown, positive emotions have a domino effect. In other words, when you start your day with a good mode, this mode will spread throughout your day with the chain effect. To start the day in a positive mode full of energy, ask yourself, “what/what kind of ritual do I need this morning?"you can make a habit of asking. Art Of Life Co.’s Self-care Card Deck' you can benefit from. In this deck of cards you will find unlimited inspiration and scientific advice on self-care rituals. 

The spring we've been looking forward to has come, flowers have bloomed! To create happy moments at home, you can also plant potted flowers in your home, or reorganize and take care of green Yesil plants. According to a study conducted in 2015, having plants in your home, doing gardening inside the home (indoor gardening) destroys stress reactions in the body, reducing your stress level. Dealing with plant work in your home makes you feel more relaxed and more comfortable. By this method, you will be able to stay in touch with nature, even if you are at home. Take spring Mode home by planting your favorite plants! 

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Research has shown that writing with paper and pen greatly contributes to your mental and mental health. Writing, taking notes is a magical thing; it has a feature that allows you to relax by connecting with your mind. Take the paper and pen in your hand and make lists... for this, art of Life Co., which I designed with inspiration in the science of positive psychology. Planner Set you can get support from. The user's guide inside the set also contains information about using note-keeping as a mind-relaxing and happiness-enhancing tool. If you say,' it's not enough to make a to-do list', you can also try to make a thank-you list, the app of which is considered one of the practical scientific happiness behaviors. As soon as you make this list, you will feel your mode rising. Such studies will allow you to have a calmer and happier mind.

Being at home shouldn't mean not being socially active. One of the most basic sources of happiness is having feel-good relationships. In these days at home, it is more important than ever to work on our relationships. Try sharing at least once a day by communicating with friends or a family member. This can sometimes be tiny but full things, like chatting over a funny video you'll post on social media or sharing a book you like. These days, you can also try to stay socially active by taking the time to video talk. You won't believe how much a short video call will change your mode! 

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