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5 practical makeup tips for the 20s

Tilt your chin down while looking in the mirror. In this way, you will be able to draw lines on your eyelids more smoothly. First draw a line with an eyeliner, then go over the line with a liquid eyeliner to fix it. If you want to correct your mistakes, fix the desired area by pouring some cream over a cotton stick. Since eye makeup remover fluids are usually in an oily form, it is worth using a makeup remover cream that will not harm your eye at this point.

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First, go through a toothbrush that you do not use to get rid of the flaky appearance of your lips. Apply moisturizer to soften. Go over your lip lines with lip liner, don't carry them. Make sure the lip liner has a natural tone or the same shady as your lipstick. Then rub your lipstick. Gently press on your lips with a napkin.  Then apply powder to secure your lipstick to your lipstick through this napkin. Then once again rub your lipstick to clarify the color. If you feel your lip dry during the day, you can apply lip balm to the middle of your lip. This prevents cracks.

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No one has to be a Kim Kardashian specialty when it comes to facial contouring. Here is the easiest contour technique... Take your 3-tone dark contour palette from your natural skin tone. Draw the number '3' on the side of your face, from your forehead to the jaw end point. Then blend these lines together. You should use darker, shaded tones on the outside of your face, brighter tones near the center of your face.

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The secret here is choosing a foundation that will stay on your skin throughout the day. If you have oily skin, do not forget to choose a foundation that suits your skin type. After applying foundation to your skin, gently apply a matte concealer to the problem areas with your fingers. Finally, go over it with powder.

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If you want your skin to look smooth, don't forget to moisturize your face thoroughly before using any product. You may prefer a lighter moisturizer in summer, but you may need a moisturizing cream with a more dense formula in winter cold. You can make moisturizing a routine by massaging your face.

If we've left this step behind, wet one make-up sponge and rub your foundation like this. Thanks to this way, foundation will look light and natural on your face and also add a vibrant glow. Finally, go over it with a fastener powder.

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