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5 practical Christmas tree alternatives

Here's the sparkling wall tree. Put your two-dimensional tree on a wall of your choice indoors. You can make it from cardboard or wooden slats. Add new year decorations and New Year's eve light. Especially those who have a shortage of space in their home, who think about where to install the glass tree, will love the wall tree from us.

a room with a couch and a table with a lamp and a wall with lights

There's a proposal that looks like it's going to end pine tree slaughter in the new year, which has drawn the ire of environmentalists. You can opt for the plant "araucaria", known as hall glass, instead of pine seedlings, which are cut for decoration purposes every year and are not suitable for use indoors. How about adding some green to your home with decorative indoor plants suitable for growing in a home environment?

a christmas tree in a room

You can design your own tree with the barks, dried branches and leaves you find in nature. By connecting the dry branches with rope, you can create the skeleton of your tree and decorate it as you wish. What you need; a few hours of trekking and your imagination.

a brick wall with a brick wall

Our best friend books are one of the most diverse tree alternatives of Christmas. Of course, don't forget to add the must-have star to the top of the Christmas star.

a large stack of stacked boxes

It's time to remove the wooden ladder from the warehouse. Place your Christmas decorations on the fishing line that you will tie to the steps of the stairs. Christmas lights are a must again! Here's your practical Christmas tree ready. Hope it's a year in which you'll climb the ladder of success three by five.

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