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5 popular diets that threaten your health

Because of the pandemic, the habit of searching for diets on the internet also increased when being condemned to a lifestyle that is thoroughly moving away from movement in homes caused us to gain weight. These diets, which avoid carbohydrates in some, fat or bread in others, actually have side effects that can lead us to our health on the way out with the goal of weight loss. Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital Nutrition and diet expert Deniz Nadide Can, evaluating the five diets that have been featured recently, “diet, rapid weight loss is not a shortcut, but a permanent healthy eating model should be seen. In order to be successful in managing our weight without disrupting our health, we must sleep quality, reduce stress and introduce healthy eating habits and regular physical activity into our lives,” he says. “Dukan, Stone Age, ketogenic, gluten-free diets with detox,” Deniz Nadide Can, who noted that scientific data also does not support these popular diets, warns important. 

The Dukan diet, introduced by French medical doctor Pierre Dukan, consists of four stages. It is aimed to lose weight in the first two stages and to maintain the weight that comes in the later stages. Although the claim to lose weight seems extremely attractive, the side effects of the Dukan diet, which contains a large amount of animal protein and is very restrictive, especially in terms of products and starch at the initial stage, can be serious enough to endanger health. Constipation is one of the main side effects pointing to nutrition and diet expert Deniz Nadide Can, continues:

"It has been shown that the Dukan diet can increase the risk of developing polyps that can lead to bowel cancer in the future, as it disrupts bowel health. This diet is also beneficial compounds such as antioxidants and phytochemicals on the body, do not cover all of the vitamins and minerals necessary for our body as well as diseases that weaken the immune system can increase the risk of as. Because it contains high protein, it can also cause kidney diseases."

A ketogenic diet, which involves greatly reducing carbohydrate intake and consuming more fat, stands out as a method of weight loss that has often been mentioned recently. Scientific studies have proven that a ketogenic diet helps control epilepsy in children, but the same does not apply to healthy adults, Deniz Nadide Can noted, noting the side effects of this diet. Deniz Nadide Can, who said that vitamin and mineral deficiency occurs in the body in the ketogenic diet because it is restricted in nutrients, said: “this causes the immune system to weaken and we become vulnerable to diseases. In addition, because fiber-containing foods are prohibited in this diet, serious bowel problems can also be observed. A ketogenic diet can raise LDL (bad cholesterol) as it is a high-fat diet, which can lead to blockage of the heart vessels,” he warns. 

The Stone Age diet, as its name suggests, refers to the diet of mankind hundreds of thousands of years ago, a method that does not recommend the consumption of dairy products and cereals. In this diet, butter, tallow, and supporting the consumption of saturated fats such as butter with wrong nutrition and diet expert, who found a rare sea Life, “the formation of these nutrients, which have a large impact on cardiovascular disease, especially in today's sedentary society to be recommended for it's inappropriate,” he says. Deniz Nadide Can, who noted that not consuming milk and dairy products will lead to calcium deficiency, notes that this condition can also lead to caries and bone resorption in the long term. In addition, non-consumption of cereal products can lead to a lack of vitamins of Group B and a lack of pulp. 

Detox, which is based on not consuming solid food for a certain period of time in order to remove toxic substances from the body, but instead taking nutrients in liquid form that will speed up metabolism, is seen as the most popular method of weight loss and protection in recent years. But these programs can contain laxatives (substances that increase bowel movement), which can cause dehydration (dehydration due to excessive fluid loss) and diarrhea that is severe enough to lead to electrical imbalances. Deniz Nadide Can warns that substances containing high oxalate, such as spinach, beets, can also cause serious kidney disorders.

Gluten, a type of protein found in wheat, barley and rye grains, can lead to serious health problems, especially for celiac patients and people sensitive to this protein. But those who do not have celiac disease and do not have gluten allergies can also stay away from gluten in the name of a healthy diet. ” Gluten-free foods are not healthier for you if you are not sensitive to gluten, " Deniz Nadide Can says.:

“When you follow a very strict gluten-free diet, you may not get the vitamins, fiber and minerals you need. Because this diet is low in fiber, it can cause intestinal problems. In addition, those who eat gluten-free for a long time have an increased risk of cardiovascular and metabolic syndrome. Gluten-free bread is known to contain 2 times more fat than normal bread, and gluten-free pasta contains more sodium and carbohydrates than normal pasta.” 

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