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5 points you need to know when making home yogurt

Milk is a nutrient that can deteriorate in a short time, as it creates a very good environment for microorganisms to reproduce. Be careful to make your yogurt from daily milk or buy it from reliable places if you are buying Open milk. In addition to health, milk hygiene affects the color, taste and smell of yogurt. If the milk is not clean, the color of the fermented yogurt becomes gray, and a bitter taste can be felt in the Juliette. Again, yogurt made with the milk of animals that feed on foul-smelling feeds can smell bad.

When brewing yogurt, the reason for boiling the milk is to increase the amount of dry matter in the milk. In other words, to make the water in the milk evaporate and to ferment the yogurt better. But since long-term boiling leads to damage to the milk components and a decrease in the nutritional values of the milk, boil for 5 minutes after the milk begins to bubble.

The temperature of the milk boiled when fermenting yogurt should also be appropriate. If yogurt is fermented with too hot milk, the yogurt may be too juicy or may not hold the yeast. Wash your hand and dip your finger first, as in traditional methods, to adjust the appropriate temperature. If your finger is at a slightly burning temperature, you can start the fermentation process.

When fermenting yogurt, the amount of yeast put in the milk is important. A small amount of yogurt does not hold, and an excess of it causes the taste to be sour. For 1 liter of milk, 1 tablespoon of yogurt yeast is enough. When the milk reaches the appropriate temperature for fermentation, add the yogurt yeast and mix well so that the milk is evenly distributed throughout.

Nutrition and diet expert Jade Ozkan “yogurt, usually for fermentation 4-5 hours it's ideal to wait. If it is fermented more, the yogurt is watered and becomes more liquid. After fermentation, the yogurt can be left in the refrigerator for 1 day to rest. In this way, it will become a more consistency yogurt,” he says.

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