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5 perfume recommendations for men

Offering an alternative for sporty men, this perfume combines with notes of ginger and pear berries, tobacco-infused tonka and vanilla. Vibrant and masculine lavender energizes. (100 ml-329 TL)

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The designer's signature musk remains at the magical heart of perfume and rises with spicy top notes—cardamom and coconut—and seductive wood notes—blue Atlas cedar and black ebony tree. This extraordinary synthesis creates effortless elegance that is natural and timeless. (100 ml-320 TL)

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Dior Sauvage, of which Johnny Depp is the face of the brand, reveals a masculine fragrance with the smells of bergamot, citrus and pepper. (100ml-$358)

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The pitiful smell of grapefruit and the clear, cheerful acidity of orange... The sharp, vibrant smells of pepper and pink pepper grains, geranium leaves and the sieg, green smell of patchy meet in this perfume. (100 ml-395 TL)

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Uomo Intense, a timeless classic, sophisticated fragrance, comes to life with the combination of musk sage and tangerines, and the pleasing notes of black suede vanilla and tonka that stimulate the sense of smell, and the light notes of citrus and ornamental essence. (100 ml-362 TL)


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