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5 online theatre suggestions 2021

Dec March 27 World Theatre Day this year, dasdas actors and dasdas Academy's talented cast members came together for the reading theatre, where they will meet with theatergoers. Ceren Boz, Evren Bingöl, Mert Fırat, Özgün Aydın, Pervin Bağdat, Sabahattin Yakut, Selen Uçer and Volkan Yosunlu are accompanied by the actors who read Haldun Taner's famous play ‘the cunning wife of a stupid husband’, and Hande Özkurt, Kadir Burak Baydar, Onur Tanyeri and Sinan Gülşen.

The play summarizes the history of the Turkish Theatre and shows the struggle of a theatre to survive, while making 27 March Theatre day more meaningful. Haldun Taner signed ‘the cunning wife of a stupid husband’ reading theatre, where Özgün Aydın takes over the drama Dasdas's YouTube on March 27 it will be watched by all theatergoers on its channel.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Theaters celebrates the World Theater Day on March 27 with the screening of 2 Current plays that it will broadcast free of charge.

“My beautiful shoes”, written and directed by Dersu Yavuz Altun on the IBB City Theaters Youtube account, will meet with the audience at 15:00, and “Angel”, directed by Jale Karabekir, written by Rustem Ertug Altynay, will meet with the audience at 20:30.

Accessory Cengiz Önay will be the new guest of our interview called “Hidden Heroes of the stage”, which will be broadcast at 19:00.

City Theaters diversify the rich content it prepares for its audience during the epidemic period with different events.  In this sense, we will hear again the tirades that remain in the theater audience's mind, cannot forget and are affected. Thanks to these tirades, which will come to life with the interpretation and performance of our master directors and actors, we can imagine ourselves for a moment, on the stage of the theater, in a play.


Antalya Metropolitan Municipality City Theatres (Asht) will meet its audience online on March 27, world theatres day. AŞT will make its premiere in Turkey with the play 'Kunduraci Doktor'. Saturday March 27 at 20: 00, the game will be broadcast live on Channel V with ABB TV.

The one-act play 'the shoemaker Doctor', written by Dushan Kovacevic, describes the events that developed as a result of the intersection of Nikola Kos and his family's lives with those in the underworld of Belgrade, who were successful doctors in the past but whose life was filled with disappointments. The play is directed by Asht's successful actor Baran Şükrü Babacan. Saturday March 27 at 20: 00 BST the game will be broadcast live on Channel V with ABB TV.

William Shakespeare's The Art of Business series titled Watch from rehearsal “Storm” he continues with his work. The entire Storm play, in which the author handles the themes of power, ambition, freedom and conscience, will be presented to the audience in a reading rehearsal order. “Storm”, with the interpretation of the fashion stage actors, will meet with the audience on Iş Sanat's YouTube channel and website on March 27, World Theater day, and will be available for viewing throughout the season from the date of its first screening.

The play, directed by Kemal Aydogan, features Hüseyin Avni Danyal, Cenk Dost Verdi, Mürsel Yaylalı, Gürsu Gür, Zeynep Tugçe Bayat, Selen Şeshen, Münircan Cindoruk, Yaşar Bayram Gül, Inan Koçak, Kaan Songün, Ertürk male and Deniz Elmas. 

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