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5 online library recommendations

subspecies Online since 2000 free as the first online publishing house in Turkey to publish electronic books. Since its inception, it aims to ensure the free and free dissemination of quality literary and intellectual content over the internet. Publications in which seasonal Yenice, Engin Türkgeldi, Su Başbuğu, Özge Calafato, Tuğba Çelik, Hande Ortaç are included in the broadcast team are almost a gift... Founded in 1998 as the first e-magazine in Turkey and continuing continuously since 2010 altZine unfortunately, it decided to stop broadcasting this month. Free of charge to all numbers published over the past five years altZine.net you can reach from.

Pera Museum continues to inspire art lovers with its digital publications in this period, when we follow the agenda of culture and art from screens, and many of its works are titled 'Digital Publications' at website free access. The museum's digital publications include books on a wide range of topics, from exhibitions that focus on different periods of Turkish painting from the Ottoman period to the present, to exhibitions focused on decadent artists and young representatives of different geographies such as France, Georgia, Hungary, Sarajevo, Jordan. One of the digital library's most notable publications, focusing on contemporary art and neuroscience "Basically Human” exhibition catalogue. The reader, the arts and science to neuroscience to examine the relationship between contemporary art and looking from the window of a book that invites strong, as well as texts; robotics, 3D scanning, Photoshop, rapid prototyping, microscopic examination, unites the works of artists who use new technologies such as computer image.

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During this period, SALT Beyoğlu and SALT Galata buildings were closed for precautionary use until a later date saltonline.org the site is updated with new content every week. 56. A selection prepared for Library Week is available from anywhere. The institution's proposal is exclusive to this week  [Google and the brain of the world] documentary.  Is Google's project to scan every book published so far the only goal of creating a legacy digital library for the future? SALT is screening Ben Lewis ' 2013 documentary film Google and the World Brain online. 90-minute English-language film, April 3-17 it is possible to watch their dates with Turkish subtitles from the SALT online YouTube channel.

LyrikLine   A unique source where you can listen to 1,437 poets from 87 languages from their own voice. Close to 13,000 poems on the site free accessible. This award-winning project is also UNESCO he's getting support. Every poetry reader should visit the archive, which includes Turkish poets Dec.

Project Gutenberg  A US-based volunteering project... On site 60.000 book free access as possible. Audio recordings are also available among the works where you can access many genres of fiction, decipherment publications, classics, children's books. English German French Portuguese and Portuguese records can be found in the archive. 

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