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5 new series suggestions 2020


Emily, an ambitious marketing executive, gets a dream job opportunity in Paris. In his new life, full of adventures, he has to handle many things at once.

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In 1900s Munich, avid Brewer Curt Prank uses cruel tactics in his adventure to set up a beer tent that will dominate the city's lucrative festival, Oktoberfest.


Netflix Original Series

Drama / Science Fiction

Survivors flee into the wild when a deadly virus hits Moscow. But they are threatened by disease, terrible decoys, and animosity between themselves.



Filmed in quarantine, this tragicomic anthology series deals both darkly and comically with the efforts of people who are estranged from each other to maintain their relationships.


Drama / Crime

After the man who kidnapped his daughter years ago, Antonio arrests himself to be sent to la brecha, Colombia's worst prison.


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