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5 natural recommendations that will make your home smell good

The sense of smell is one of our most important senses. Each fragrance is archived in our brain with a special code. Today, brands in the marketing sector often use this technique. By creating a special smell, they aim to evoke a familiar feeling every time you enter the same store. The smell you get when you enter a new place gives you an idea of that place.

Prepare your own fragrance using your favorite flower essences and natural oils. You can store your special liquid mixture in a glass bottle. Add a few spoons of our special mixture to the small bowl that you have placed on the candle holder. Candle fire you need to set up a mechanism that will not touch the bowl. With the heat of the candle, the smell you prepare will spread throughout the space. Try applying this process regularly at home.


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Don't just think of your candles as part of the decoration. Place candles in different parts of your home before your guests arrive. Don't forget to add candles to the bathroom and other places. Using different flavored candles at the same time can cause a bad smell due to the mixing of smells. All the candles for a few hours. Candles that burn for a few hours will leave a pleasant smell in your house for a long time.


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The smell of white soap must have something to do with happiness! Grate the white soap and fill it into small pouches. Place the prepared pouches between your clothes and inside the pillows. When cleaning, try adding liquid white soap to your detergent mixture.


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One of the main causes of bad odor in homes is bad food. Periodically cleaning the refrigerator is the basic rule of preventing bad odors from bad food. When bad food is waiting in the refrigerator, even if you clean it for a long time, it will not be possible to get rid of the smell. Prepare and place a mixture of powdered vanilla and coffee in your fridge. Coffee will destroy the bad smell inside the cupboard, while vanilla will give off a pleasant smell.


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Flower care at home for beginnersbefore the relaxing effect of using live plants indoors . You can contribute to the decoration of your home with seasonal bouquets of vibrant flowers, and bring the fragrance of flowers to your home. You can extend its life by changing the juice of the flower frequently. You should renew your flowers without spoiling, as the spoiled flowers will cause a bad smell.


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