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5 natural hair care formulas that everyone should know

One of the biggest problems of especially busy city life is the dull and lifeless image in the hair. To make your hair look more vibrant, shiny and plump; mix pure honey and lemon with hot water, rub it on the hair length and ends. After wrapping in stretch film, leave for 10 minutes and purify nicely.

Being below the normal level of moisture balance of your hair causes dryness and breakage of the hair ends associated with it. For your hair to be moist and healthy; mix brown sugar with Argan oil or pure olive oil and leave on the hair tips for 15 minutes and purify.

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Of course, among the main causes of oily hair is the use of the wrong cosmetic product.decidedly. Even using a conditioner on the bottoms disrupts the oil balance of the hair and causes the problem of excessive lubrication in the hair. First, it is necessary to find the cause of lubrication and then focus on the solution. To get rid of oily hair; mix the egg white and Lemon, adding a little rock salt to the hair length and ends, apply for 20 minutes and purify.

Dandruff is one of the problems that everyone, male or female, experiences the most. The range of causes is quite wide, it can be diversified, such as stress, improper styling, different diseases, improper shampoo use, etc. If you do not have dandruff problems due to any skin conditions (eczema, etc.) it is also possible to clean Bran in natural ways. Mix coconut oil, mint oil and grated lemon peel and massage your hair bottoms with your fingertips (without using your nails) for 15 minutes and leave for 10 minutes, then purify your hair. After purifying, gently apply pure cantaron oil to the bottoms with cotton. Cantaron will support your hair bottoms in regeneration.

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Those with fluffy hair are always the ones who have to devote more time to styling, right ? Wash out is a dream, especially for fluffy hair. But with regular application, it is also possible to calm fluffy hair in natural ways. Mix bananas, strained yogurt, honey and 2-3 drops of argan oil. Apply intensively to the length and ends of your hair and purify it after waiting for 30 minutes.

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