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5 movie recommendations for profitable days

Director: Hany Abu-Assad

Players: Kate Winslet, Idris Elba, Beau Bridges

Type: Drama, adventure

Ben Bass (Idris Elba) is a doctor, while Alex Martin (Kate Winslet) is a journalist. The duo, who met at the airport, were on a private plane when their flight was cancelled due to weather conditions. The plane they board crashes and they fight for life on a deserted snow-covered mountain. This accident will change the flow of life.

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Director: Joe Carnahan

Players: Liam Neeson, Dallas Roberts, Frank Grillo

Type: Adventure, Drama

The plane of the team assigned to work in oil drilling crashed in Alaska. Amid the snow-capped mountains, the team fighting for survival in the Wild is in danger of becoming decoys to hungry wolves.

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Director: Quentin Tarantino

Players: Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Jennifer Jason Leigh

Type: Western

Unlike classic examples of Tarantino's Western genre, ‘The Hateful Eight ' is set in snow-capped mountains, not in a warm desert atmosphere. Years after the end of the Civil War, he takes refuge in a mountain accommodation to get rid of a group of alien types. A battle for survival begins between deciduous natural conditions and dangerous aliens.



Director: Nuri Bilge Ceylan

Players:  Haluk Bilginer, Melisa Sözen, Demet Akbağ

Type: Drama

Aydın (Haluk Bilginer) is a retired theatre actor. After quitting acting, he returned to Cappadocia, where he runs a boutique hotel left by his family. Aydin, who lives here with his wife and older sister, is actually in deep loneliness. His wife, who is quite young, treats him cold in every sense. The presence of her older sister and a few close friends cannot literally fill her life.


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Type: Animation, Adventure

 Director: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee

Frozen, one of the favorite films of adults as well as children, is set in a country cursed by the Queen of snow and therefore doomed to winter forever. A kind-hearted Anna decides to return the people living in the country to their good old days by finding the Queen of snow and having her end the curse. Anna embarks on a fairy-tale journey with Kristoff, a master climber.

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