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5 most listened albums in 2020

The Yhlqmdlg album by Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny, the most popular artist on Spotify with 8.3 million listens worldwide, was also the most listened to album of the year. The album, which stands for “yo hago lo que me da la gana” (I do what I want), is built on more than 800 drums, strong synth tones and exquisite Bad Bunny vocals. Bad Bunny, the rising star of a new generation of latin trap music, has three tracks on his album, La Difficil, A Tu Merced and 25/8.

The Weeknd tells his audience the same stories on this album. The album revolves around themes such as loneliness, using people to heal a life that goes bad, while telling the story using dream-pop, new-wave, and R&B elements. Although it speaks of the same things, it stands out a step further from previous albums with improved vocals and production improvements. The three tracks featured on the album Are Alone Again, Hardest to Love and Save your Tears.

One of the elements that makes Post Malone's music quality is probably the confusion he experienced. He creates his own original sound as he decouples between alternative rock and hip-hop. In Hollywood's Bleeding album, too, Post Malone, drowning in melancholy, takes a step forward with his versatile vocals and –in part - a wealth of rhythm. In Hollywood's bleeding, the three tracks that stand out on my own behalf are Saint-Tropez, a Thousand Bad Times and Myself.

How Harry Styles, who we also know from one direction, will follow in his solo career was one of the questions I wondered for myself. He did not stop adding elements of soft rock and funk to his music while combining elements of 70s rock with Britpop. Fine Line is a pretty good album for those who want to go back to their summer days when the winter season makes them feel good. The three tracks I listen to most for myself on the album, which features fidgety funk elements, are Watermelon Sugar, Cherry and Sunlower, Vol.6. 

After her debut album in 2018, I was wondering what Dua Lipa could do. Was he going to use his popularity and release an album so as not to forget himself, or was he going to keep putting it on? Dua chose to continue her career by putting more on Lipa. Future Nostalgia is a pretty good album with its Retro concept, Disco Music timbres from old times. If you want to forget demoralizing 2020 for 43 minutes, put on your headphones and listen to Dua Lipa's cheerful lyrics! The three tracks featured on the album are Future Nostalgia, Hallucinate and Good In Bed.

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