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5 most effective cellulite cream

The alcohol-free product in the consistency of Serum gel acts on cellulite and skin tightening. In the first place, it reduces the volume of fat cells by preventing the stocking of fat inside the fat cells. In the second stage, the inside of the fat cells is completely emptied and becomes passive, unable to provide fat production. In the final stage, collagen synthesis is strengthened and the skin becomes firmer and elastic. 

It supports the reduction of cellulite and orange peel appearance, while the skin becomes smoother, flexible and soft. Skin quality is increasing and day by day, body lines are being formed by examining them. Increasing the beneficial effects of physical activities and thinning massages, the use of this product in combination with exercise helps to thin faster and achieve long-term results. It is recommended to apply stubborn areas by massaging them from the bottom up in the morning and /or evening.

Thanks to its keratin and flower extracts, it helps your hips and legs to thin, tighten, and smooth the appearance of the skin. Thanks to its body-shaping ingredients, it increases liposuction. The content of “liana” of Peruvian origin prevents the storage of fat cells. ” Myrica carifera extract " reduces the number and volume of adipose tissues. 

Biotherm's new product, Celluli Eraser, burns fat with pure caffeine and horse chestnuts, smoothes the skin with salicylic acid and reduces the appearance of orange peel. Bella B Body Firming Cream derived from shiitake mushroom extract accelerates blood flow in the body, allowing fat layers to break down.

This non-lubricating gelemulsion, which stretches and tightens problem areas, reduces the traces of cellulite to a visible extent. It stretches and tightens the tissue while removing the body from waste materials. It stimulates blood circulation and facilitates fat destruction. It visibly removes roughness in the skin structure. 

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