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5 mobile game recommendations

Our first game is from Turkey... A small but talented Turkish team no-pact by, published in June 2017, windin was featured in 155 countries. The game has reached 1 million downloads, and in total all users have finished 10 million episodes within the game. The stones we place on the playing field move according to the direction of the wind and match the other stones and create other new possibilities. "In unpredictable weather, what would it be like to play an unusual checkers?"if you are wondering, I recommend downloading the game immediately.

If you say," let the visuals not tire, let me calmly exercise the mind, but let the game be enjoyable, " it's time to introduce you to two Dots. In order to cross each section, you only need to match according to the colors. In addition to its visual simplicity, it is a game that relaxes the player with relaxing theme music.

So do you want to get caught up in a story as the game progresses? One morning Austin wakes up and his parents say they've decided to sell the ancestral home. He is also helping his parents, who cannot renovate the house due to their age and financial situation, so he is an actor. As you match and blow up shapes, you move through the game, renovating the house and gradually learning more about the family.

Bonus: 4 online museum proposals from Istanbul

Let's play a puzzle that breaks our perception of three dimensions and has received a lot of awards, from its visuals to its sounds. Britain's Monument Valley drew its inspiration from minimalist architecture and Japanese breezes. In addition, the entire game has a design concept that greatly feels the effects of Escher's optical illusions as a visual concept. In the game, we allow Princess Ida to move forward by interfering with the architecture in her environment. Don't worry after you finish the game, because the studio released another sequel!

Finally, Clash Royale ... all you need is an internet connection to play a game developed and published by Supercell based in Finland. This game is much faster paced than the other games on the list, and is also a little high blood pressure because it is played one-on-one online with an opponent. If we say "chess is more fun" for Clash Royale, we may have described the game quite simply.  In the game, you specify a deck of characters, each exclusive to the nev-i person, and you try to capture your opponent's towers. Finally, I wish that this process was healthy and calm for all of us.

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