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5 mistakes when using perfume

If you have a habit of squeezing your perfume wrists and then rubbing it together, start giving up! Your skin warms up with friction when rubbing your wrists. The resulting natural enzymes change the smell of perfume. Squeeze once to make the perfume smell at its most natural and let it work on its own on your skin.

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Perfumes are extremely sensitive to environmental factors. For example, it may lose its effect by being in an environment that is too cold or too hot. If you want your perfume to last longer and want its smell to last longer, keep it at a fixed room temperature in its original box, not in your bathroom.

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Using oversized perfume is not as advantageous as you might think, as it can be more affordable. As the perfume waits for a long time, oxygen begins to break down the molecules inside the smell. The smell and durability of the perfume decreases.  Kurkdjian notes that the shelf life of a standard perfume is 3 months, and recommends buying small bottles if you do not spray perfume every day.

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All its content can sound like a natural perfume charmer. However, Kurkdjian argues that such a perfume is almost impossible to make, so it is necessary to be at peace with synthetic ingredients. For example, the musk most commonly used in perfumes is produced synthetically in the laboratory. Peony, milling and lily odors also undergo chemical treatment, as naturally the aroma will not be enough.

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Don't expect your perfume to last long on your dry skin. To avoid this, you can choose your perfume's own moisturizer or an odorless moisturizer. If you want the smell to last a long time, also put perfume on your hair and scarf or scarf. The smell that comes into contact with the air spreads more around. For example, if you squeeze on your skin, make sure there are points of contact with the air. You might think it's permanent by squeezing it into your wrist or neck, which we call pulse zones. However, if these points close with your clothes, there is no way it will be permanent and scattered around.

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