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5 mistakes made during manicure

If you're trying to shape your nails by cutting your nails too much before you start the manicure, then you're on the wrong track. Because it's often impossible to shape by cutting your fingernails to more lengths than you want. Start the manicure by filing your nails first, if your nails are too long, cut half and continue to shape the rest by filing.

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Do not cut your nails, push them in. You definitely don't need a special product or tool for this! All you have to do is push your fingernails back when you're in the shower. It's pretty easy to do this because you're softening your skin when you're in the shower.

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File your nails in only one direction. With back-and-forth file movements, your nails lose their lust and wear out.

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Your fingernails should be clean when you start the manicure. You should not have any cream residue on your nails. The greasy cream layer on your fingernail can be difficult when rubbing your nail polish. To eliminate this problem, drip a small amount of nail polish remover on a handkerchief and go over your nails.

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When we do your own manicure at home, we quickly forget the details in front of our eyes. The simplest example is not to apply enough nail polish and preservatives to your fingernails. After rubbing your nail polish, lift your finger in the air to check your nail tips. After applying your nail polish, apply a coat of nail polish protector, then make sure to go well over your nail tips with the tip of the brush. If you skip this step, your nail polish will be less permanent and your manicure will deteriorate in less time.

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