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5 highlights of the season

This pattern, which has a more bohemian and ethnic appearance, is often used in paleer tones. You can evaluate it in a bohemian or sports combi boiler. A flatter and sports-cut shoe underneath and a comfortable bag will look good.

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a person wearing a yellow dress
a yellow and black snake
a person wearing a dress
a man wearing jeans
a person wearing sunglasses
a woman wearing sunglasses


Vertical thin and white lines, especially in pieces in black and navy shades, are one of the favorites of the season. Featuring a masculine look, you can also interpret these pieces in an unusual way with cleavage tops and heels, or you can also get a cool look with sneakers and bicycle collars.

a woman wearing sunglasses
a person sitting on a curb
a woman wearing sunglasses and a skirt
a woman wearing sunglasses
a person holding a purse
a woman wearing a brown jacket

In the fashion world, where the power of colors is increasingly felt, this season we see many different colors such as rainbows being used in medium-thickness strips. Since it is more difficult to wear than others, it is worth choosing single and main color parts in shoes, bags and outerwear products.

a woman wearing sunglasses and a colorful scarf
a person wearing a coat and holding a flag
Annabel Rosendahl wearing a sweater and boots
a group of striped ties
a close up of a rainbow

Once-trending polka ratings are also returning this season! Especially the smaller ones, the models that are referred to as "polka dots", are more prominent. Isn't wearing polka ratings one of the most enjoyable patterns?

a person wearing a red and white sweater
a woman wearing sunglasses and a green skirt
a woman wearing a black and white dress

The graphic pattern that has been coming up frequently for several seasons and has fascinated us continues to be trending this season. Since they are eye-catching and quite noticeable pieces, it may be good to use them with single color and solid parts. If you have an unusual style, you can try a graphic-patterned part with another graphic pattern.

a person wearing a striped shirt
Buse Terim Bahçekapılı smiling for the camera
a man wearing a black and red shirt and jeans
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