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5 harmful substances contained in cosmetics

Parabens, which have been used since the 1930s to keep cosmetics fresh, have become increasingly underused in recent years on suspicion that they can cause cancer. Although they have not yet been proven to be carcinogenic content, you may want to avoid products containing parabens until more research is done on them.

Although sulfates have not been proven to be carcinogenic, products such as shampoo and conditioner containing sulfate are used to deeply cleanse your skin by drawing water and oil. Therefore, if you apply it to your skin, they can destabilize your skin and cause you to have dry and sensitive skin.

Content such as perfume or artificial dye, which can further irritate sensitive skin, can also damage normally sensitive or non-red skin. At the same time, perfume placed inside the product can lead to allergies, even fertility-related problems in some consumers.

Aluminum can disrupt the natural balance of your endocrine system by creating effects that mimic estrogen if used.  You can choose natural deodorants as an alternative to aluminum, which is usually found in anti-sweat products.

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Phthalates, which are often used to increase the elasticity of plastic products, allow cosmetic products to adhere better to our skin. However, if used, they disrupt the hormonal balance of the body, posing a risk, especially for women expecting babies. It is also worth noting that in some children's products in America, it is also worth not preferring phthalates, which are legally prevented from being used, in cosmetic products.

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