Selena Gomez in a pink shirt
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5 hair colors that will mark the summer of 2016

Platinum yellow combines silver tones for a more rebellious and rock'n"roll look, resulting in this bright, sparkling yellow hue. We think it would be especially good for wheat skin.

a woman with blonde hair

Those looking for a stylish look can try Rihanna's matte black hair. And if your natural choice color is dark, you'll have less to deal with its care.

Rihanna with a blue shirt and gold necklace

The red hue that plays to the coffee will be the number one choice for festival-to-festival runners this year. If you have brown hair and want to turn your hair color on a little bit, you can try this new trend color instead of dyeing it completely blonde.

a woman wearing sunglasses

Golden hair can always be more attractive, especially with the warmer weather. But this is the year of the whiter yellow tone. This creamy color also suits every skin tone.

Scarlett Johansson with blonde hair

If you're looking for innovation without completely changing the color for your dark hair, Selena Gomez's chestnut-toned bale is for you. For a natural 'sun kiss' effect on your hair, the bale should be applied starting from the middle of your hair.

Selena Gomez in a pink shirt
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