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5 films special for Father's Day 2020

Director: Bora Sovereign
Players: Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, Alihan Türkdemir, Sezai Aydın

A film about a father who is a fisherman trying to get close to his son, who cannot communicate, is one of the most talked about productions of Turkish cinema in recent times... In this touching story, Kivanc Tatlıtug's acting fills the eyes. 

Director: Gabriele Muccino
Players: Will Smith, Thandie Newton, Jaden Smith

The film, in which Will Smith was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor, is a real-life story... Chris Gardner is a good family man, but he's in trouble financially. His wife leaves the house and the father and son are left alone. After a while, the father and son who were kicked out of the house due to rent debt are waiting for days full of struggle. Chris builds a completely different life for himself and his son. 

Director: Çağan Irmak
Players: Fikret Kuşkan, Humeyra, Özge Özberk

My father and son, one of the most popular films of the 2000s in Turkish cinema, are an admired production with both its script and acting. At The Istanbul International Film Festival Best Film , Best Actor (Fikret Kuşkan) and Best Actress (Sheriff Sezer) the award-winning production takes place on the axis of a small child who was born on the night of September 12, lost his mother at birth and knew no relatives other than his father. One day, his father says that they will now go to his grandfather, and the father and son start living in their hometown. And why they came here will be revealed after a while.

Director: Roberto Benigni
Players: Roberto Benigni, Horst Buchholz, Marisa Paredes

The production, which won Roberto Benigni the Academy Awards for Best Actor and Best Foreign Film (Italy), has 3 Academy Awards, including The Best Music Award (Nicola Piovani). The production, which tells the story of a family who were victims of the Holocaust and taken to a concentration camp, is etched into memory with its extraordinary script and acting.

Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Players: Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, James Caan

Dad, one of the cult productions of Hollywood cinema, is about New York's famous and powerful Italian mafia family. A production that tells the story of the Corleone family's battle for survival won Oscars for Best Film, Best Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay...

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