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5 favorite mascara in 2017

I started using Too Faced's iconic mascara six months ago, which everyone described as a 'legend'. The fullness of the eyelashes with its large brush is very successful. Just like any mascara, Too Faced can cause lumping problems. It is necessary to drive carefully while driving. It significantly lengthens the eyelashes and gives volume. It doesn't spill or harden during the day. A mascara that will always stay in my make-up bag for me...

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You know, christian louboutin recently entered the cosmetics field. Honestly, I wasn't too impressed when I went to the launch of the products. Only their packaging and exterior impressed me as much as anyone else. I discovered this mascara of Louboutin through my hairdresser thanks to my beloved Shenay, who did my makeup. After I said, "There's no such mascara, you should definitely use it," I started using it to try it. To tell you the truth, it's the best mascara I've ever used. After applying the mascara, your eyelashes look as if they are wearing false eyelashes. I likened this mascara a little bit like Benefit's They're Real mascara. If you want to create a voluminous look, this mascara is ideal for this.

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Smashbox has released its best-selling mascara in its new version, water resistant. Like other mascara I use, this mascara visibly lengthens lashes and gives volume. Compared to the mascara I wrote, if I gave smashbox's product a score, I think I'd give it a 6 out of 10. The most important reason I scored was that his brush was too long and he pushed me too hard while I was driving. When you're driving the mascara, it's either disintegrating or it's getting infected.

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I think chanel's mascara will always be among my classics that I will never give up. My favorite feature of Chanel's mascara is that it never has a very dense structure like other mascara, but it still results in the same result as dense mascara. It has permanence throughout the day and makes the eyelashes look incredibly beautiful.

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This mascara, which was sold with black eyeliner in kiko's 'Mini Divas' series with its capsule collection, became one of my favorite products. I think the mascara of the Kiko brand has always been successful. If you are a Kiko user and already use different mascara, you should definitely give this one a chance. I spent the whole summer just with this rimelle. Even though I never wore makeup, I've only spent the day applying this mascara. To me, it's a very natural and silk eyelash-feeling product.


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