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5 favorite mascara

I discovered Chanel's mascara two years from now. And after I discovered it, I couldn't use any more mascara for a long time. It makes the lashes look beautiful without wearing them down, without creating a lumpy image, and giving them a lot of volum. This mascara, which has been my favorite for the last two years, I've been using it with serious admiration. I use black, but the same mascara has brown and midnight blue colors.

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The most important feature of this mascara, which is one of Bobbi Brown's best-selling products, is her brush. Thanks to this brush, you can curl all your eyelashes upwards one by one. It also promises 8 hours of persistence when you use this mascara. Second favorite after Chanel.

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One of the most preferred mascara of shooting makeup. I discovered this mascara during a cover shoot. Benefit Roller Lash even won an award in America. It's one of those mascara that I like to use as a third choice in my make-up bag with vitamin B5 in it.

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I love mac's maskas in general. But this is my favorite mac mascara. With this rim, I can apply mascara to both my upper and lower lashes. Some mascara is made so thick that you may need to use a different mascara for the lower lashes. That's why this mascara is my favorite.

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One of Lancome's iconic and legendary mascara. The curl of his brush is one of the most distinctive features. This type of brush allows you to apply mascara individually and individually. That's the last choice of mascara I like to use.

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