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5 fall albums

Taylor Swift has called all of the albums she has released so far “my diary” and shared her own stories with her listener. Swift takes a sharp turn in Folklore with her album, telling us other people's stories, and describes her album as “a product of crazy imagination.” The literary aspect of the album is quite poetic in a strong line. As for the Sound, it is quite minimal and stagnant.  Swift, who signed a job that would not have been expected from a country singer who started her career 14 years ago, has 16 tracks on her album where you can listen to different stories. For my part, I can list the featured tracks on the album as August, My Tears Ricochet and Betty. 

Decked out musically on the fine line between serenity and melancholy, Cry is one of the biggest disappointments of 2019, but these days it deserves a second chance. Greg Gonzalez's calm androgynous vocals and the album's calm sound make your ear a guest to accompany your coffee on closed autumn days. The featured tracks on the album are Heavenly, Falling in Love and you're the Only Good Thing in My life.

If you like to watch outside from where you are sitting on a light rainy autumn day, or to observe what is happening while traveling and dream, this album is for you. When Hope Sandoval's angelic voice was combined with the Mazzy Star sound we were used to, there was a feast of calm, decidedly melancholic music. In the kingdom, Common Burn and Sparrow are the featured tracks on the album. 

It is now accepted by all musical authorities that Lana Del Rey is a very good storyteller. In Norman F Rockwell, where Jack Antonoff sits in the producer's chair, Lana Del Rey continues to share her fragile, emotional and melancholic stories with her audience. Lana Del Rey's album features the Mariners Apartment Complex, Cinnamon Girl and Happiness is a Butterfly. 

Thom Yorke performs it best, no matter what kind of music he throws his hand at. Anima, which drew its inspiration from psychologist Carl Jung's anima and animus theories, is the latest example of this. Yorke's album, which has yet to pour into notes the feelings of anxiety and composure that life in the metropolis gives in its opening track, certainly deserves to be discovered once again. It's perfect for people who like to listen to music when they're stuck in heavy city traffic on a rainy autumn day. The album's highlights include Traffic, Dawn Chorus and I Am a Very Rude person. 

A playlist of fall recommendations from here you can listen. 

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